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JAKOTA Stocks on October 20, 2023

South Korea
d 4568.TSE i 9338.TSE s 4434.TSE s 019170.KO b 2936.TSE k 098460.KQ s 011810.KO s 403550.KO c 2138.TSE
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Asian stock markets grapple with challenges as key indices in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan register declines. Amidst the downturn, several firms still manage to defy the odds, with pharmaceutical and technology sectors leading the charge.

Asia-Pacific Markets Experience Decline; Japan and South Korea Indices Dip

Japan (Nikkei 225 Index – NIK): The Nikkei 225 Index, representing Japanese companies, dropped by 0.5% to 31,259.36. Investors in Japan navigated challenges in the market for the second consecutive session.

South Korea (KOSPI Composite Index – 180721): South Korea’s KOSPI Composite Index experienced a significant decline, dropping by 1.7% to 2,375.00. The negative trend impacted various sectors in the South Korean market.

Taiwan (TWSE Index): The Taiwan Stock Exchange Weighted Index showed a marginal decrease of 0.07%, closing at 16,440.72. Taiwanese investors observed subtle movements in the local market.

Top Gainers:

  • DAIICHI SANKYO COMPANY LIMITED (4568.TSE), a leading pharmaceutical company, witnessed a substantial gain of 14.42% to reach 4095 JPY. Investors responded positively, possibly influenced by the company’s recent developments, product pipeline, or financial results.
  • INFORICH INC (9338.TSE), with a gain of 8.6% to 3790 JPY, attracted investor attention. Positive sentiments might be associated with the company’s strategic moves, innovations, or industry trends.
  • SERVERWORKS CO LTD (4434.TSE), a technology company, achieved a gain of 6.67%, reaching 3520 JPY. Investors may have been optimistic about the company’s role in the tech sector, leading to increased demand for its shares.
  • SHINPOONG PHARM (019170.KQ), a pharmaceutical company on the Korean market, experienced a gain of 5.8% to reach 11670 KRW. Positive developments in the pharmaceutical industry or the company’s specific initiatives could be contributing factors.
  • BASE FOOD INC (2936.TSE), with a gain of 5.72% to 591 JPY, attracted investor interest. Factors such as product launches, market expansion, or positive financial indicators may have influenced its upward trajectory.

Top Losers:

  • KOH YOUNG (098460.KQ), a company in the technology sector, faced a notable decline of 22.86% to 10900 KRW. Challenges or uncertainties specific to the industry or company may have impacted its stock negatively.
  • STX (011810.KQ), facing a decline of 18.92% to 10930 KRW, encountered challenges in the market. Factors like industry trends, financial performance, or broader economic conditions may have contributed to the decline.
  • SOCAR (403550.KQ), with a decline of 10.58% to 15220 KRW, experienced challenges on the market. Factors such as regulatory changes, industry dynamics, or company-specific issues may have affected its stock negatively.
  • CROOZ INC (2138.TSE), facing a decline of 8.67% to 832 JPY, encountered challenges in the market. The decline might be attributed to factors like industry competition, market trends, or company-specific developments.
  • KG ETS (151860.KQ), facing a decline of 8.52% to 10950 KRW, witnessed a decrease in its stock value. Factors such as market dynamics, industry challenges, or company-specific issues may have contributed to the negative trend.

Stay tuned for further updates and analysis as market conditions continue to evolve.

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