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About us

This website aggregates market data, along with proprietary JAKOTA equity indices and research, to offer continuous English-language coverage of stocks, sectors, and economies within the Jakota region, which includes Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan R.O.C.

Who we are is launched by JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc., a New York based financial media company and index provider. Our mission is to facilitate the allocation of capital and tracking of investments in Jakota’s regional capital markets for international investors.

JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc. is backed by a diverse group of international investors led by the Lisbon-based digital media investor Nobias Media and UK-based strategy and research consultancy Oxford Metrica, with several international and Jakota-based strategic and financial partners also participating, including Digital Domain Global AI lab and JAKOTA Taiwan Capital Partners.

Our company focuses on leveraging the anticipated accelerated growth and outperformance of Jakota markets in the coming decade.

JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc. owns and operates, which offers proprietary JAKOTA equity indices and in-house research for the global investment community as well as Investor Relations services aimed at public companies from the Jakota region seeking to enhance their capital markets presence.

JAKOTA Index Series

Our dedicated research team has developed and introduced a series of proprietary stock indices to track performance and streamline investment in the Jakota region. We monitor over 2,700 publicly traded companies across the Jakota region including large, mid, small, and micro caps. By aggregating trading data, news and fundamental financial and business information, we have built an efficient process for identifying compelling investment narratives within the Jakota region.

Our focus is on key sectors driving Jakota’s global competitiveness, ranging from semiconductors and consumer goods to video games, unique cultural assets and many other forms of IP-centric businesses.

The JAKOTA Index Series covers a wide universe of large to small-cap regional stocks, sliced into multiple regional sectors and providing investors with a range of JAKOTA-branded benchmarks and indices to follow.

Why Jakota?

Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan R.O.C. are clustered together into the Jakota region, the brand coined by the founders of JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc.

When it comes to economic growth potential, Jakota stands out as perhaps the brightest star on the global map today. Here’s why:

  • The Jakota region is home for 200 million people residing in politically stable democracies with vibrant globally competitive economies, diverse rich cultures and the world’s highest educational standards.
  • Jakota countries enjoy investment grade economies and robust growth prospects with much celebrated local work ethics and labor productivity.
  • Rule of law based economies and long tradition of science, innovation and craftsmanship made the Jakota region a breeding ground for the world’s most competitive intellectual property in diverse areas of knowledge, from medicine to entertainment, technology and materials
  • Jakota isn’t just an economic heavyweight; it’s the central axis of Western allies in Asia. A bedrock in an increasingly fragmented world, making it a safe bet for investments.

The core investment thesis for Jakota is centered on the unique combination of geopolitical momentum and global competitive IP-centric industries of the region that stand to gain much larger global market share due to the combination of their inherent competitiveness and the ongoing transformation of the world.

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