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Quanta’s Q2 Revenue Surges on AI Server and Notebook Shipments

June revenue hits NT$111.318 billion, marking a 19-month high with AI server demand set to rise
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Quanta Computer Inc. reported consolidated revenue of NT$111.318 billion for June, maintaining the 100 billion mark for the second consecutive month and reaching a 19-month high. This reflects a robust 9.9% monthly increase, driven by strong shipments of notebook computers and AI servers. Consequently, second-quarter revenue climbed to NT$309.954 billion, representing a nearly 20% increase from the previous quarter, surpassing market expectations and marking the strongest second quarter in the company’s history.

Year-on-year, June revenue surged by 23.4%, while second-quarter revenue saw a 19.7% quarter-on-quarter and 26.49% year-on-year increase. These gains were bolstered by over a 10% quarter-on-quarter increase in PC shipments and the alleviation of material shortages for AI servers. First-half revenue totaled NT$568.894 billion, up 11.28% annually, marking the second-highest figure for the period.

In June, Quanta shipped 4.5 million notebook units, a 12.5% increase from May. Total PC shipments in the second quarter reached 11.7 million units, up 11.4% from the first quarter’s 10.5 million units. This momentum was reflected in Quanta’s stock, which rose NT$7.5 to close at NT$319.5.

The improved GPU supply in the second quarter and the growing momentum of AI server shipments support Quanta’s optimistic outlook for the second half of the year. The company’s AI server revenue, benefiting from large-scale data center customers, accounted for 20-25% in Q1 and is expected to exceed 30% in Q2. Quanta anticipates an explosion in AI server shipments in the latter half of the year, projecting these products will contribute significantly to overall server revenue.

Similarly, Inventec, another leading electronics OEM, reported June revenue of NT$50.93 billion, reflecting a 6.73% year-on-year increase despite a 2.4% month-on-month decline. Inventec’s second-quarter revenue reached a record high of NT$154.158 billion, up 18.08% quarter-on-quarter and 17.9% year-on-year, with first-half revenue growing 13.49% to NT$284.665 billion.




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