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Quanta Expands Metaverse Footprint with Vuzix Partnership, Targeting AR Smart Glasses Production

Quanta, led by Chairman Lin Baili, solidifies its metaverse commitment, partnering with Vuzix for lightweight AR smart glasses mass production
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Quanta Computers, a prominent Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), under the leadership of Chairman Lin Baili, remains bullish on the transformative potential of the Yuanverse. The company is intensifying its foray into augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), notably sealing a strategic collaboration with Vuzix, a Nasdaq-listed AR glasses supplier. This partnership extends beyond Quanta’s earlier announcement of a remote smart medical platform and now includes the mass production of lightweight smart glasses.

The cooperation envisions Quanta leveraging Vuzix’s cutting-edge optical waveguides and optical display components to enhance the specifications of AR smart glasses and related accessories. The initial shipments are anticipated to commence in 2024. Quanta’s Vice Chairman, Liang Cizhen, expressed optimism, stating that the collaboration with Vuzix is poised to bring significant changes to the AR smart glasses industry. Ongoing development and design efforts aim to deliver breakthrough products to a global customer base.

Industry experts speculate that Quanta selected Vuzix as a partner due to its key component technology capabilities and extensive experience in B2B, B2C, medical, and defense markets. Vuzix’s product portfolio spans headsets, wearables, and more, providing Quanta with avenues to expand and deepen its revenue contributions in the metaverse field.

Lin Baili has emphasized the application layers within the Metaverse ecosystem, categorizing them as hardware-oriented, software-oriented, and user-oriented. Quanta’s current positioning leans towards being a hardware supplier, with its medical care platform “QOCA” expected to venture into the metaverse. Additionally, as Quanta transitions from Industry 4.0 to smart manufacturing, the integration of the metaverse with artificial intelligence (AI) becomes apparent. For instance, in simulating printed circuit boards (PCBs) in surface mount technology (SMT) production lines, Quanta has successfully reduced raw material consumption, lowering production costs and enhancing operating expense control capabilities.

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