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HD Hyundai Collaborates with Naver for Maritime Digital Transformation

The strategic partnership focuses on leveraging AI and cloud innovations to revolutionize shipbuilding and maritime solutions
South Korea
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HD Hyundai Co. has embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with tech giant Naver Corp., setting the stage for a comprehensive digital transformation in the maritime industry. This collaboration is poised to harness the power of cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital technology to propel HD Hyundai’s marine and shipbuilding sectors into a new era of innovation and efficiency.

Under this agreement, HD Hyundai will integrate Naver’s cutting-edge large language model AI, HyperCLOVA X, into its operations, transforming over 200 million records in its shipbuilding and maritime database. This integration aims to develop generative AI services, enhancing the company’s capability to deliver sophisticated, data-driven maritime solutions.

The partnership will also see a significant shift in HD Hyundai’s infrastructure, transitioning to the Naver Cloud platform. This move is designed to bolster the company’s digital framework, ensuring robust support for its cloud-based initiatives and future technological expansions.

A pivotal aspect of this collaboration is the development of the Meta Ocean Data Cloud. This innovative platform, built on Naver’s cloud technology, is set to revolutionize the maritime industry by aggregating global navigation data, thereby offering invaluable insights to shipowners and operators. This data-driven initiative is expected to enhance HD Hyundai Marine Solution’s smart-ship solutions and Oceanwise, a pioneering decarbonization solution, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and advanced maritime analytics.

Further integrating Naver’s technological prowess, HD Hyundai plans to deploy an AI-powered chatbot for after-sales services, optimizing customer support for ships and engines. This strategic use of AI aims to streamline operations and elevate the customer service experience, setting a new standard in the maritime sector.

Vice Chairman Chung Ki-sun of HD Hyundai articulated the transformative potential of this alliance, envisioning a future where Naver’s robust cloud infrastructure and advanced AI capabilities drive the maritime industry towards a sustainable and technologically advanced horizon. This partnership not only signifies a leap towards digitalization but also reinforces HD Hyundai’s commitment to pioneering innovative maritime solutions.

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