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Gogoro and Uber Eats Unveil NT$1 Billion “Green and Sustainable Food Delivery Program

Initiative Aims to Double Electric Scooters in Uber Eats Fleet, Promoting Eco-Friendly Delivery in Taiwan
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Gogoro, a leading electric vehicle brand, is partnering with Uber Eats to launch a groundbreaking NT$1 billion “Green and Sustainable Food Delivery Program.” This ambitious initiative aims to transform the food delivery landscape in Taiwan by increasing the use of electric scooters in Uber Eats’ fleet from 20% to 40% over the next two years.

Jiang Jiawei, the General Manager of Gogoro Taiwan, emphasized the company’s commitment to green transportation, noting that 26% of motorcycle logistics in Taiwan already leverage Gogoro’s battery exchange system. This new collaboration with Uber Eats is designed to further promote the adoption of environmentally friendly vehicles among delivery partners.

Uber Eats Taiwan, under the leadership of General Manager Li Jiaying, is dedicated to spearheading the green transformation of the food delivery industry. This commitment extends to a global scale, with Uber Eats targeting 100% zero-emission vehicle usage in its operating markets by 2040 and the elimination of single-use plastic packaging by 2030.

Supporting this initiative, Lin Quanneng, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, expressed enthusiasm for the increased adoption of electric scooters. The Ministry is set to continue its subsidy policies, hoping that Gogoro’s plan will serve as a model for the food delivery industry.

The partnership between Gogoro and Uber Eats has introduced a two-year cooperation project, offering four key benefits to Uber Eats delivery partners. These benefits include exclusive car purchase discounts, carbon reduction rewards, discounted battery usage fees, and additional carbon reduction trip rewards. Collectively, these incentives could lead to savings of up to NT$70,800 over two years.

This collaboration between Gogoro and Uber Eats not only sets a precedent in Taiwan’s food delivery sector but also aligns with broader environmental goals. By incentivizing the shift to electric scooters, this program is poised to make a substantial impact on reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices in urban transportation.

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