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Gala Lab Partners with Wemade Play to Develop HTML5 Version of Beloved Mobile Game “AniPang”

Gala's subsidiary, Gala Lab, has entered into a development agreement with South Korea's Wemade Play to create an HTML5 rendition of the popular mobile game "AniPang". The collaboration aims to offer a casual gaming experience accessible across various devices without the need for downloads
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Gala, a prominent gaming company, has announced that its subsidiary, Gala Lab, has forged a strategic development pact with Wemade Play, a leading South Korean game development firm listed on KOSDAQ. Wemade Play, boasting a workforce of 430 employees along with its subsidiaries, is projected to achieve sales of 134 billion won in 2022. The company has a rich history, with over 120 million downloads in both the domestic and international mobile game markets. Its portfolio includes a diverse range of mobile games, prominently featuring the “AniPang” series.

The collaboration between Gala Lab and Wemade Play is set to yield an HTML5 version of “AniPang3”. Leveraging the IP of the popular casual game “AniPang”, which debuted in 2012 and gained immense popularity in South Korea, combined with Gala Lab’s prowess in HTML5 development, the new rendition will be accessible on various devices, including PCs and smartphones, without the need for installation. The objective is to create a casual gaming experience that can be enjoyed seamlessly on any compatible device.

“AniPang”, originally introduced in 2012 during the burgeoning era of smartphone adoption in the Korean market, achieved exceptional sales of 24 billion won in its inaugural year—an uncommon feat in the mobile gaming sector. The game, a casual puzzler, garnered a staggering 15 million downloads, with 7 million daily users and 2 million simultaneous players. This success highlighted the potential of the South Korean smartphone content market and played a pivotal role in catalyzing the growth of the mobile gaming sector. The game was honored with the Excellence Award in the mobile category at the esteemed “Korea Game Contest.”

Subsequent releases, including “AniPang2” in 2014 and “AniPang3” in 2016, continued the series’ triumph, with the latter earning the prestigious “Kakao Game Award” on Kakao, South Korea’s national SNS platform. Now in its twelfth year, the “AniPang” series, which includes four original installments, has notched nearly 70 million downloads in the Korean market alone. Widely regarded as a trailblazer in the realm of mobile puzzle games and casual gaming, the “AniPang” series holds acclaim both in Korea and internationally.

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