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Far EasTone Teams Up with CJ ENM HK to Establish Multinational “Cultural Content Fund”

Far EasTone collaborates with CJ ENM HK, TVBS, and the Institute of Cultural Studies to create a cross-border fund aimed at producing high-quality program content for global audiences
South Korea
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Far EasTone Telecommunications announced a new partnership with CJ ENM Hong Kong (CJ ENM HK), the regional arm of South Korea’s entertainment leader CJ ENM (CJ Entertainment & Media), along with TVBS and the Institute of Cultural Studies. This collaboration aims to establish a transnational “Cultural Content Fund,” leveraging the collective expertise to create superior content for audiences beyond Asia.

Following Far EasTone’s recent announcement of forming a film and television entertainment fund in conjunction with the Academy of Cultural Affairs, this venture with prominent partners signifies a significant step forward. The letter of intent for cooperation was formally signed in the presence of Minister of Culture Shi Zhe. The alliance represents a convergence of strengths in content innovation, marketing, distribution, media operations, and streaming platforms, both domestically and internationally. The overarching goal is to develop top-tier content tailored for global viewership.

Cai Junrong, Chief Operating Officer of Digital Entertainment at Far EasTone Telecommunications, expressed eagerness to fortify the longstanding collaboration with CJ ENM Group. The joint initiative to establish a cross-domain film and television fund seeks to deliver innovative, high-quality audio and video services to Taiwanese customers, positioning local intellectual property for successful entry into the global market.

Under this partnership, Far EasTone’s subsidiary, “Mishen International,” is in the planning stages of co-producing the Chinese adaptation of the popular Korean drama “Our Blues Time” alongside CJ ENM HK. This cross-border venture aims to amalgamate strengths and expertise, enabling the integration of Taiwanese cultural elements into the local market, all while maintaining a global outlook and marketing proficiency. The strategic alliance is set to deepen the cooperative ties between the parties, fostering further development within the entertainment industry.

CJ ENM boasts a portfolio of acclaimed works in film, television, and music, including the Oscar-winning film “Parasite” and the hit Korean drama “Crash Landing on You.” Additionally, CJ ENM leads music ventures such as Korea’s largest music festival, KCON, and the MAMA awards. CJ ENM Hong Kong serves as the regional hub based in Hong Kong and Singapore, dedicated to promoting high-caliber Korean content on television and digital platforms, and functioning as a distribution hub for non-Korean content.

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