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Coupang Expands Taiwan Operations with New Logistics Centers, Promising Job Opportunities

Coupang, a global e-commerce giant, inaugurates its second logistics center in Taiwan, with plans for a third center in the coming year. The venture is set to create thousands of local jobs, signaling Coupang's commitment to the thriving Taiwanese market
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Coupang, the South Korean e-commerce behemoth headquartered in the United States, has announced the launch of its second logistics center in Taiwan. A third logistics center is slated for opening in the first half of the following year. Each of these centers, situated in Taoyuan, is expected to generate 1,800 new job opportunities. This move affirms Coupang’s dedication to expanding its investment in Taiwan, further solidifying its position as one of the world’s largest e-commerce groups.

Bom Kim, Founder and CEO of Coupang, highlighted Taiwan’s well-educated workforce and robust economy. With per capita income ranking second globally among economies with over 20 million inhabitants, Taiwan stands out as an enticing market for Coupang. This year, Taiwan takes precedence in Coupang’s multi-million-dollar investment projects.

Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Meihua emphasized that Coupang’s sustained investments in Taiwan exemplify foreign investors’ confidence in the Taiwanese market and its consumer strength. This commitment also exemplifies the robust scientific and technological cooperation between the U.S. and Taiwan. Coupang’s advanced technology and business model are poised to invigorate Taiwan’s e-commerce sector, spurring growth across the entire platform industry. Beyond importing global products to Taiwan, Coupang also champions Taiwanese products on the global stage, fortifying Taiwan’s market presence.

Sandra Oudkirk, Director of the American Institute in Taiwan, commended the enduring commitment of U.S. companies to explore opportunities in Taiwan. She underscored Taiwan’s welcoming investment environment and its status as a reliable and like-minded partner. Coupang’s new logistics center inauguration underscores the resilience and promising future of the U.S.-Taiwan economic relationship. Taiwan’s innovative economy, primarily driven by the industriousness and creativity of SMEs, is set to benefit from Coupang’s expanded customer base, presenting fresh avenues for business growth.

Coupang also emphasized that its second logistics center leverages AI, showcasing the company’s prowess in AI and automation technology. The company’s patent portfolio has experienced exponential growth, nearing 2,000 global patents. Since last year, Coupang has acquired over 170 patents in Taiwan, surpassing local retail counterparts. This positions Coupang well to continue driving technological innovation in Taiwan’s retail and e-commerce sectors, and integrate seamlessly with Taiwan’s digital ecosystem, advancing ecosystem enhancement efforts.

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