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Nidec Appoints Mitsuya Kishida as President and CEO, Bolstering Leadership with Sony Expertise

Kishida, with a distinguished tenure at Sony, to steer Nidec’s automotive and EV parts division towards innovation and growth
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Nidec, a leading Japanese motor manufacturer, has announced the elevation of Executive Vice President Mitsuya Kishida to the role of President and CEO, effective April 1. Kishida brings a wealth of experience from a 39-year career at Sony, where he held significant roles including the head of the production division and president of a smartphone subsidiary, successfully turning Sony’s smartphone business from losses to profitability.

In his time at Nidec since January 2022, Kishida has been instrumental in managing the company’s automotive motor and electric control business unit, focusing on European operations and revitalizing the electric vehicle parts sector. This strategic appointment aligns with Nidec’s ambitions to enhance its footprint in the automotive and electric vehicle components market.

Nidec’s founder, Shigenobu Nagamori, will transition to the role of executive chairman and representative director, while Hiroshi Kobe, the current president and chief operating officer, will assume the position of chairman, acting as a bridge between Kishida and the group’s companies without representative rights.

This leadership reshuffle comes after a decade-long search for Nagamori’s successor, during which Nidec looked externally before promoting internally last April. Kishida was among five vice presidents elevated, with a nominating committee ultimately selecting him as the next leader based on his performance and potential to drive Nidec’s future growth.

The company is set to reduce the number of vice presidents from five to three following Kishida’s promotion, implementing an annual selection system to ensure dynamic leadership support for the president. This move marks a new era for Nidec, with Kishida at the helm, poised to navigate the company through the evolving landscape of automotive and electric vehicle technology.

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