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Mandarake Reports Record Sales for May 2024, Marking 26th Consecutive Month of Growth

Sales surge by 5.1% at existing stores and 8.5% across all stores, driven by increased visitors and robust mail order growth
m 2652.TSE Mandarake Reports Record Sales for May 2024, Marking 26th Consecutive Month of Growth
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Mandarake announced on June 28th that its sales for May 2024 reached record highs, continuing an impressive streak of growth. Sales at existing stores rose 5.1% year-on-year to 1.296 billion yen, while total sales across all stores jumped 8.5% to 1.339 billion yen. This marks the 26th consecutive month of sales increases, setting a new high for the company.

The company attributed the strong performance to a significant increase in in-store visitors and sustained growth in mail order sales. Despite shifting its popular “Daimansai” event from May last year to August this year, Mandarake managed to boost in-store sales, reflecting the robust demand for its offerings.

Among existing stores, notable increases included a 13 million yen rise at Complex and an 11 million yen rise at Grand Chaos, with most other locations also reporting year-on-year gains. Additionally, the Kyoto store, which opened in October 2023, significantly contributed to the overall sales growth.

Mandarake’s consistent performance highlights its strong market position and ability to attract a growing customer base, both in physical stores and online. As the company continues to expand its footprint, it remains well-positioned for sustained growth in the coming months.



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