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KT Develops High-Speed Quantum Key Distribution Equipment Capable of Generating 150,000 Secret Keys Per Second

Breakthrough Technology Enhances Security with World-Class Quantum Cryptography Performance
South Korea
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On May 23, KT announced the development of its advanced Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) equipment, capable of generating 150,000 secret keys per second (150 kbps). This makes it the fastest QKD equipment developed using domestic technology in South Korea.

KT’s QKD equipment leverages quantum mechanical properties to generate and distribute secret keys. Encryption using these keys is exceptionally secure, rendering eavesdropping attempts on physical lines impossible. The introduction of this technology into communication networks will allow for the updating of quantum secret keys on more than 35,000 encryption devices per minute, significantly enhancing security for companies and public institutions.

This innovative technology is particularly beneficial for internal communication networks of organizations that manage vast amounts of sensitive information. It is also expected to bolster security for major public institutions, including national defense sectors, by providing robust encryption solutions.

KT highlighted that their newly developed QKD equipment improves performance by five times compared to existing technologies, aligning its capabilities with those of leading global equipment manufacturers. This advancement signifies that KT’s quantum cryptography communication technology has achieved a world-class level, positioning the company at the forefront of the industry.

By integrating this high-speed QKD technology, KT aims to offer unparalleled security for communication networks, ensuring that data remains secure against all forms of cyber threats.

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