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Far EasTone Reports 7.9% October Revenue Growth Driven by iPhone 15 Sales

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Far EasTone Telecommunications achieved a robust 7.9% growth in October revenue, driven by strong sales of the new iPhone 15, motivating customers to upgrade to 5G, and continued expansion in the new economy. The October revenue reached 8.923 billion yuan, with net profit after tax increasing by 17% YoY to 959 million yuan, and earnings per share growing by 17%. As of October this year, Far EasTone’s revenue amounted to 76.147 billion yuan, with net profit after tax at 9.307 billion yuan, representing annual growth rates of 4.2% and 18.1%, respectively. Earnings per share stood at 2.86 yuan.

Far EasTone emphasized its commitment to leveraging core information and communication technologies to foster a green new economy. The company is actively involved in innovation and transformation across the public and private sectors, aligning with the “2050 net-zero emission” goal. Initiatives include the introduction of the “Traffic Signal Uninterruptible Power System (UPS),” which repurposes Gogoro and optical Yang electric motorcycle batteries as power backups for intersection signs. The initiative has been implemented in 187 key intersections in Taipei City, with trials underway in Kaohsiung City.

Far EasTone’s “Smart Charging Service” platform facilitates one-stop charging pile construction and maintenance, with over 600 charging piles built in Taiwan. The company has also collaborated with the Kaohsiung City Government to introduce “smart intersections” and “smart tourism big data” for enhanced smart transportation applications, contributing to road safety and urban governance.

In line with its commitment to sustainability, Far EasTone is actively supporting campuses in achieving net-zero transformation. Collaborating with Tamkang University and Microsoft Taiwan, the company announced the launch of “Taiwan’s first campus sustainable cloud.” Furthermore, it has taken a pioneering step among Taiwan’s universities by forming an SDGs transformation alliance, leveraging the strengths of academia, industry, and alumni to create a low-carbon smart campus through innovative technology and practical experience in green information and communications.

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