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Eris Technology Navigates Market Flux with 40% Record Gross Profit Margin in November

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Eris Technology, a key player in discrete component supply, disclosed a November revenue of 134 million yuan, reflecting a 7.4% monthly dip and a substantial 20.84% annual downturn. The cumulative performance for the first 11 months of this year stands at 1.588 billion yuan, maintaining the same 20.84% annual decrease. Despite these challenges, Eris’s management team asserts that the internal operations align with expectations.

Notably, November witnessed a milestone for Eris Technology, achieving a record high gross profit margin of 40%. The surge is attributed to a judicious product mix and advancements in the fourth-generation patch’s automated production line processes.

Navigating a global environment marred by market uncertainties, Eris Technology acknowledges ongoing inventory digestion and adjustment in the terminal market since mid-2022. In response to customer destocking pressures, planned fourth-quarter shipments have been deferred to the next year. However, Eris expresses confidence in rebounding post-semiconductor destocking, anticipating “amazing growth” from the second half of the upcoming year, fueled by existing product lines, new packaging production facilities, and innovative wafer factories.

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