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ADATA Reports Revenue Surge in Q2 2024 Despite June Dip

Company sees 46% increase in quarterly revenue; Chairman remains optimistic about memory market recovery
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ADATA, a leading memory module manufacturer, announced consolidated revenue of NT$2.954 billion for June, reflecting a 29.38% increase from the same period in 2023. However, this figure represents an 8.47% decline from May, marking a ten-month low. Despite this monthly dip, ADATA’s cumulative revenue for the second quarter of 2024 reached NT$10.029 billion, up 46.07% year-over-year. For the first half of 2024, consolidated revenue totaled NT$20.91 billion, a notable 48.56% increase from the previous year.

Chen Libai, ADATA’s chairman, maintains a bullish outlook on the memory market, anticipating a rebound in spot prices once short-term inventory depletion is resolved. In June, DRAM modules contributed 50.95% to the company’s revenue, while SSDs and other products such as memory cards and flash drives accounted for 27.29% and 21.76%, respectively. For the second quarter, the revenue distribution was 48.06% from DRAM modules, 24.82% from SSDs, and 27.12% from other products.

Chen highlighted the positive pricing stance of upstream manufacturers, with production prioritization for high-margin products like HBM, followed by DDR5 and DDR4. He emphasized that the company’s profit-oriented capital expenditures and the steady rise in DRAM and NAND Flash contract prices would not be disrupted by short-term spot price fluctuations. Recent rebounds in some DRAM spot prices further support his optimism that ADATA’s shipment momentum will align with the traditional peak season in the second half of the year, driving continued growth.





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