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JAKOTA Stocks on October 24, 2023

JAKOTA Stocks on October 24, 2023

South Korea
c 094360.KQ y 4334.TSE n 6594.TSE y 000100.KO
Blue Chip 150
Mid and Small Cap 2000
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Asia's leading markets rally, with strong performances in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan; JAKOTA indices echo the broader positive sentiment.

Resilient Performance in Asia’s Leading Markets; JAKOTA Indices Also Trend Upward

Japan (Nikkei 225 Index – NIK): The Nikkei 225 Index in Japan showed resilience, recording a modest increase of 0.2%, closing at 31,062.35. Investors in Japan witnessed a day of marginal gains, contributing to overall market stability.

South Korea (KOSPI Composite Index – 180721): South Korea’s KOSPI Composite Index demonstrated strength, surging by 1.1% to 2,383.51. The positive momentum in South Korean stocks signaled an upbeat day for the market, attracting investor interest.

Taiwan (TWSE Index): Taiwan’s stock market saw a slight uptick, with the TWSE closing at 16,309.76, reflecting a gain of 0.36%. The market in Taiwan experienced a day of modest growth.

JAKOTA Blue Chip 150 Index displayed a marginal movement of 0,345% up to 107.22.

JAKOTA Mid and Small Cap 2000 Index saw a positive shift from 101.54 to 102.43, indicating a percentage change of around 0.88%.

Top Gainers:

  • CHIPS&MEDIA (094360.KQ) exhibited robust performance, surging by 23.73% to reach 36,500 KRW. The company’s positive momentum attracted significant investor interest, contributing to its notable gain.
  • K–ENSOL (053080.KQ) posted a substantial increase of 14.29%, reaching 26,800 KRW. The company’s strong performance reflected favorable market conditions and investor confidence.
  • WEMADE MAX (101730.KQ) showed resilience, with a gain of 13.18%, closing at 10,050 KRW. The company’s positive trajectory took off after Corporate Briefing Session on Friday 20th of October, where 3rd Quarter Performance was discussed.
  • HYUNDAI MOVEX (319400.KQ) experienced a significant surge of 12.83%, reaching 3,165 KRW. The company’s performance indicated favorable dynamics in its market segment.
  • YUKE’S CO LTD (4334.TSE), listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), recorded a noteworthy gain of 11.74%, closing at 1,009 JPY. The company’s positive movement continued after the latest announcement of the release of “DC Dual Force” and the release of Steam / Epic Games Store.

Top Losers:

  • SANBIO COMPANY LIMITED (4592.TSE) faced headwinds, registering a notable decline of 15.92% to 491 JPY. Investors closely monitored the factors influencing the company’s shares.
  • NIDEC CORPORATION (6594.TSE) encountered challenges, witnessing a decline of 10.52% to 5,995 JPY. That is Nidec shares biggest tumble in 15 years on China chill, according to Reuters. According to The Times of India, this decline is due to growing concerns among investors regarding the company’s prospects in the Electric Vehicle market.
  • EUGENE INVESTMENT & SECURITIES (001200.KO) faced a decline of 6.68%, reaching 3,980 KRW. The company’s performance reflected today’s announcement:
    • Up to 7.92% of the annual pre-tax yield until October 31st, early repayment step-down ELS competition;
    • Set NIKKEI225, S&P500 and EUROSTOXX50 indexes as basic assets.
  • YUHAN (000100.KO) experienced a decline of 6.45% to 58,000 KRW. Investors in South Korea closely monitored the company’s performance amid changing market conditions.
  • BASE FOOD INC (2936.TSE) recorded a loss of 6.11%, closing at 461 JPY. The company’s performance was closely watched by investors, as the company announced voluntary recall of some products followed after the apology and notice for the occurrence of “Base Bread Cinnamon” mold.
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