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JAKOTA Stocks on November 3, 2023

South Korea
h 067310.KQ l 328130.KQ d 000210.KO k 025540.KO v 2388.TW y 006740.KO h 048410.KQ s 2363.TW c 8150.TW e 2458.TW
Blue Chip 150
Mid and Small Cap 2000
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On Friday, November 3rd, the Asia-Pacific stock market showcased resilience and positive momentum, even as the Tokyo Stock Exchange remained closed due to the holiday - Culture Day. Robust performances were notably observed in South Korean and Taiwanese stocks, contributing to the overall upbeat sentiment.

Positive Momentum in South Korea and Taiwan Stocks Amid Tokyo Stock Exchange Closure

The KOSPI Composite Index of South Korean stocks displayed strength, marking a substantial gain of 1.1% to reach 2,368.34. Despite external factors, South Korean stocks added buoyancy to the regional market.

In Taiwan, the stock market experienced an encouraging uptick, with the Taiwan Stock Exchange Weighted Index (TWSE) climbing to 16,507.65, reflecting a gain of 0.68%. This positive movement contributed to the overall positive trend in the Asia-Pacific region.

Major stocks showed stability as the JAKOTA Blue Chip 150 Index increased by 0.48% to 109.71 USD, contributing to the overall market equilibrium.

JAKOTA Mid and Small Cap 2000 Index: The mid and small-cap stocks in the region continued to exhibit positive dynamics, with the JAKOTA’s proprietary Index rising by 0.73% to 104.71 USD.

Top Gainers:

  • HANA Micron (067310.KQ) emerged as a top gainer, posting a significant gain of 15.6% to reach 21.79 USD. The company’s positive momentum was boosted by several positive stock reviews by Ebest Investment & Securities, Samsung Securities and Commative Securities.
  • Lunit (328130.KQ) exhibited strength with an impressive gain of 15.37%, reaching 134.01 USD.
  • DL Holdings (000210.KO) showcased resilience, recording a gain of 11.24% to 33.56 USD. The company bounced back after yesterday’s negative Q3 Report.
  • Korea Electric Terminal (025540.KO) demonstrated notable growth, posting a gain of 9.98% to 52.88 USD. Ebest’s Securities stock overview helped to gain the momentum.
  • VIA Technologies (2388.TW) rounded out the top gainers with a gain of 9.9% to 4.55 USD. The company’s positive movement added to the overall upbeat sentiment in the market.

Top Losers:

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