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JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc. Unveils Groundbreaking Financial Media Platform for JAKOTA Region

South Korea
Share this on, featuring proprietary JAKOTA equity indices and covering the stock markets of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, launched today.

November 7, New York – JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc., a USA corporation, went live today with the launch of, an innovative financial media that aggregates market data with proprietary JAKOTA equity indices and research to provide continuous English language coverage of the stocks, sectors and economies of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan R.O.C. (“JAKOTA region”).

JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc.’s mission is to facilitate for international investors the allocation of capital and tracking of their investment in the JAKOTA region’s capital markets, and for JAKOTA’s listed companies (constituents of the JAKOTA indices) to communicate with the international investment community in a modern and highly engaging way.

JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc. is backed by a diverse group of international investors led by the Lisbon-based digital media investor Nobias Media and UK-based strategy and research consultancy Oxford Metrica, with several international and JAKOTA-based strategic and financial partners also participating, including Digital Domain Global AI lab and JAKOTA Taiwan Capital Partners.

JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc. is a niche financial media business that seeks to capitalize on the anticipated accelerated growth and overperformance of JAKOTA markets in the coming decade. Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan R.O.C. are clustered together into the JAKOTA region, the brand coined by the founders of JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc. to symbolize investment grade, democratic and globally competitive nations that are the home to 200 million people with some of the best education, public safety and living standards. For a long time in the shadow of the other developed economies, the JAKOTA region is in a unique position today to secure intellectual, technological, and economic leadership for years to come as the global order is in flux and the economic center of gravity is consistently moving towards Asia.

“We at Oxford Metrica have been working extensively in the JAKOTA region for the last two decades. Consequently, we have developed deep insights from our extensive network. We are convinced that several change factors have converged, from geopolitics to technology, that place JAKOTA at the heart of global economic growth and innovation. We believe that the next decade will see above average returns from this region as it attracts an increasing share of the global investor’s capital allocations. The region exports a staggering $ 1.5 trillion a year and holds foreign reserves in excess of $2.2 trillion, placing it second only to China on these two metrics”, commented Dr Rory Knight, Co-Founder of JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc.

JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc. is now in business and ready to serve investment managers, and investors of all types with effective, independent, and quality data and research on JAKOTA’s investable stocks. Stay tuned for a series of index licensing deals, strategic partnerships, and other important business milestones JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc. will be announcing soon.

JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc. develops its index products itself and in cooperation with anchor investors and Oxford Metrica, such as OM Jakota Blue Chip Index that will launch on December 15, 2023, and will benchmark the most liquid, dividend paying listed equities across the JAKOTA region.

IndexAtlas acts as the investment and index-licensing adviser to JAKOTA Index Portfolios Inc. and its various affiliates that are in the process of licensing or/and issuing various investible securities to be linked to different JAKOTA Index Products to be rolled out at different stages starting from December 2023.

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