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Uni-President Supermarkets Surpasses 300 Billion Yuan in Revenue, Records Stellar Profit Growth

With an innovative service expansion, the retail giant marks a 9.16% revenue jump and a 14.37% increase in net profit
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Leading retail chain, Uni-President Supermarkets, has achieved a new milestone with consolidated revenue exceeding 300 billion NTD for the first time, a 9.16% year-on-year increase, net after-tax profit increasing by an impressive 14.37%, totaling 12.661 billion NTD, and earnings per share (EPS) reaching 10.21 NTD, the second highest in the company’s history.

By 2023, Uni-President Supermarkets will have expanded strategically throughout Taiwan, reaching 368 townships and urban areas with 6,859 stores. The company has cleverly combined “i Pre-order”, “i Cost-effectiveness”, and “OPEN NOW” services, together with over 1,700 “smart FUN machines” throughout the nation, to effectively breach traditional service limitations and seize new business opportunities beyond its physical stores.

Exploiting the booming tourism market, Uni-President Supermarkets has developed 57 shopping mall operations and the diversification of the various innovative operations of its OPENPOINT ecosystem, which have increased store membership numbers and related sales by leaps and bounds. Store members’ contribution has increased even further, surpassing, for the first time, the 100 billion NTD, record high mark, and the company’s strategies to create customer retention and sustained revenue growth are clearly successful.

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