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TV Asahi America Invests in Emerging US Comic Publisher

Japanese Media Giant Expands Global IP Reach with New Affiliate
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TV Asahi America, a subsidiary of Japan’s TV Asahi, has invested in Cincinnati Kid LLC, a rising US comic publisher known for its label “BAD IDEA”. While the specific terms of the investment remain undisclosed, this move makes Cincinnati Kid LLC an equity method affiliate of TV Asahi America. Cincinnati Kid LLC, established in May 2018 by seasoned comic industry professional Dinesh Shamdasani, has a robust portfolio of 84 original titles.

TV Asahi’s strategy reflects its broader ambition to diversify revenue streams beyond traditional television advertising. In recent years, the company has actively pursued mergers and acquisitions to enhance its intellectual property (IP) capabilities. This includes stakes in digital comic business BookLive and character figure company Kotobukiya, highlighting a strategic focus on manga and character merchandising.

With this latest investment, TV Asahi is set to deepen its footprint in the US market. TV Asahi America aims to foster collaboration with Cincinnati Kid LLC, promoting co-creation between Japanese and American creators. The ultimate goal is to develop globally appealing IP, with a keen eye on potential film adaptations, leveraging Cincinnati Kid’s expertise in the American comic landscape to create content that resonates worldwide.



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