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Tsuburaya Fields Holdings Reports Robust Q2 Growth Fueled by Anime-themed Gaming Machines and Digital Content

Tsuburaya Fields Holdings' Q2 FY2024 results reveal a surge in sales, particularly in anime-inspired gaming machines, driving a significant overall revenue and profit increase
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Tsuburaya Fields Holdings achieved outstanding Q3 FY2023 results, marked by a 58.7% YoY increase in consolidated sales, reaching ¥67.015 billion. The primary driver was the stellar performance of gaming machines, notably those featuring anime and manga themes like “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” and “Evangelion.” Sales from gaming machines soared to ¥59 billion, a remarkable 67.0% increase.

The content and digital business also showcased substantial growth, incorporating video production licenses, Tsuburaya Productions, and Digital Frontier, with sales totaling ¥7.409 billion (up 22.5%). Licensing revenue from China nearly doubled, reaching ¥2.348 billion, contributing over 90% of overseas revenue. Ultraman trading cards, toys, and apparel remained pivotal to business success.

Tsuburaya Productions is strategically expanding its overseas presence, not limited to China, with recent bases established in Southeast Asia and North America. The company’s growth initiatives include the “Ultraman Card Game” in Southeast Asia and the anticipated Netflix release of the CG animation blockbuster “ULTRAMAN: RISING” in North America in 2024, signaling an extensive product lineup expansion.

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