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TSMC Secures Approval for $10.26 Billion Capital Increase in Japan and U.S. Facilities

Strategic investments aim to meet customer demand and enhance semiconductor capabilities
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The Investment Review Board of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has greenlit two significant capital increase projects for TSMC, amounting to a combined investment of $10.26 billion. The approvals include a $5.26 billion increase for TSMC’s Kumamoto Factory II in Japan and a $5 billion boost for the second phase of its Arizona facility in the United States.

TSMC’s first project involves a $5.26 billion investment in JAPAN ADVANCED SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING, INC., aimed at constructing a new 12-inch wafer fab in Kumamoto. Known as Kumamoto Factory 2, this facility will produce semiconductors using 6/7 nanometer, 12/16 nanometer, and 40 nanometer process technologies. This expansion is intended to cater to growing local customer demand and fortify strategic relationships.

The second approval covers a $5 billion capital increase for TSMC ARIZONA CORPORATION in the United States. This funding will support the development of a new 12-inch wafer fab, marking the second phase of TSMC’s Arizona operations. The facility will focus on producing advanced 2-nanometer and 3-nanometer process technologies, aligning with the industry’s push towards more sophisticated semiconductor manufacturing.

Additionally, the Investment Review Committee sanctioned two other investments. Walsin Lihua received approval for a $160 million investment in Singapore’s WALSIN SINGAPORE PTE. LTD., aimed at engaging in operating investment holding business. Lite-On Technology was also approved for an $89.389 million investment in Japan’s COSEL CO., LTD.

These strategic investments underscore the ongoing efforts by Taiwanese firms to expand their global footprint and enhance their technological capabilities in response to evolving market demands.



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