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Teijin Invests in US-Based Garwood Medical for Innovative Prosthetic Joint Infection Treatment

The Japanese chemical giant's investment in Garwood aims to advance BioPrax, a device combating infections in prosthetic joints
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Teijin, a prominent Japanese chemical company, has made a significant investment in Garwood Medical Devices, an American venture specializing in a novel device designed to treat infections following prosthetic joint implant surgeries. Garwood, established in 2014 and based in Buffalo, New York, has developed BioPrax, a device that utilizes low-voltage electric current to combat bacterial infections on prosthetic joints.

The investment by Teijin is reportedly in the range of several hundred million yen, equating to millions of dollars. This financial commitment is coupled with a research and development agreement between the two companies, signifying a collaborative effort in both research and potential commercialization.

BioPrax’s innovative approach involves passing an electric current through the metal components of a prosthetic joint, generating substances effective against bacteria. This technology offers a promising solution to one of the significant challenges in post-surgical care of joint implants.

The funding from Teijin will enable Garwood Medical Devices to expedite their research and development process, with the objective of securing approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for BioPrax. Additionally, Teijin is considering the commercialization of this device in Japan, reflecting its strategic interest in expanding innovative medical solutions.

The Teijin Group, which includes Teijin Nakashima Medical – a developer of prosthetic joints – envisions a synergistic relationship with Garwood’s products. This investment represents a crucial step in enhancing post-operative care for patients with prosthetic joints and aligns with Teijin’s broader goals in healthcare innovation.

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