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Tech Giants SK Telecom, Naver, and AfreecaTV Forge Alliance to Revolutionize Sports Broadcasting with AI

AI Highlights to Deliver Customized Sports Content, Expanding Beyond Baseball to Golf, Basketball, and More
South Korea
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In a landmark collaboration, South Korea’s leading tech firms SK Telecom, Naver Corp., and AfreecaTV are set to transform sports broadcasting with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This strategic partnership, solidified through a memorandum of understanding (MOU), aims to harness each company’s AI media expertise to offer viewers highly personalized content.

Central to this initiative is the innovative AI Highlights service. This feature utilizes AI to analyze viewer preferences, identifying favored teams and players to automatically curate and deliver tailored video clips. This approach represents a significant leap in customizing sports viewing experiences.

Moreover, the collaboration plans to introduce advanced tools for live broadcast analysis. These tools will automatically calculate crucial advertising metrics such as frequency and exposure time. This development promises to streamline advertising expense analysis for both advertisers and sports officials.

A notable aspect of the service is its ability to recognize and customize advertising in real-time during live broadcasts. The initial rollout will coincide with the professional baseball season, with intentions to broaden its reach to encompass other popular sports like golf, basketball, and volleyball.

Despite their varied backgrounds in telecommunications, digital platforms, and internet broadcasting, SK Telecom, Naver, and AfreecaTV find common ground in their shared commitment to enhancing sports broadcasting. Each company brings unique strengths to the table, from SK Telecom’s AI assistant A dot (A.) in delivering sports content, to Naver’s user engagement through live sports broadcasts and its community service OpenTalk, and AfreecaTV’s role in the sports broadcasting platform.

This collaboration also extends to their joint participation in a consortium vying for broadcasting rights in professional baseball, illustrating a unified front in redefining the sports media landscape.

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