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Tata Electronics Partners with Powerchip for India’s First 12-Inch Wafer Fab

The collaboration aims to bolster India’s tech sector, promising over 20,000 jobs and innovative semiconductor production
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Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (PSMC) is collaborating with Tata Electronics, a subsidiary of Tata Sons Group, to set up India’s first 12-inch wafer fabrication facility in Dholera, Gujarat. This significant venture, expected to start construction within the year, marks a crucial development in advancing India’s semiconductor industry.

The project is poised to generate over 20,000 local job opportunities, significantly impacting India’s employment landscape. Tata Electronics, with PSMC’s expertise, will produce various semiconductor products, including power management ICs, display drivers, microcontrollers, and logic for high-performance computing, essential for sectors like automotive, computing, data storage, wireless communications, and AI.

This strategic partnership is aimed at strengthening India’s position in the global high-tech supply chain, especially amid changing global dynamics. Supported by the Indian central and Gujarat state governments, the initiative aims to create a semiconductor hub and cultivate high-tech talent within the country’s growing youth demographic.

The collaboration highlights Tata’s commitment to innovation and its historical role in pioneering India’s industrial advancements. Tata Electronics aims to expand its technological capabilities, support the “Made in India” initiative, meet both global and domestic market demands, and enhance the resilience of the global supply chain.

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