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Taiwan Tops Asian Democracies in Global Index

In recent EIU's Democracy Index Taiwan ranks 10th globally at 8.92, Japan 16th, and South Korea 22nd in democracy scores
South Korea
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The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2023 Democracy Index highlights Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea as exemplars of democratic governance in Asia, marking all three as ‘full democracies’,. Taiwan secured the 10th spot globally with a score of 8.92. This achievement underscores Taiwan’s advanced democratic institutions and civil liberties. Japan, not far behind, is positioned 16th globally, with a score of 8.40, reflecting its commitment to maintaining a stable and participatory democracy. South Korea closely follows, ranked 22nd with a score of 8.09, showcasing its vibrant political culture and significant public engagement in democratic processes.

These rankings are a testament to the resilience and maturity of democratic governance in the face of regional and global challenges. Taiwan’s top-ten ranking demonstrates its exceptional leadership in promoting democratic values in Asia. Meanwhile, Japan and South Korea’s robust performances highlight the widespread commitment to democratic principles across varied political landscapes in the region. In a world where democracy is under pressure in many quarters, the achievements of Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea serve as beacons of hope, providing a blueprint for democratic governance that balances tradition with modernity.

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