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Taiwan and Japan Forge Strong Industrial Ties, Explore Collaboration in Semiconductors, Hydrogen Energy, and Electric Vehicles

Vice Premier of Taiwan Cheng Wen-tsan highlights the robust Taiwan-Japan industrial partnership, emphasizing collaboration in semiconductors, hydrogen energy, and electric vehicles
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Vice Premier of Taiwan Cheng Wen-tsan emphasized the deep-rooted friendship and flourishing industrial collaboration between Taiwan and Japan. Addressing the “34th China-Japan Engineering Technology Symposium,” he highlighted the synergies that extend beyond friendship, manifesting in closely-knit industrial ties. The semiconductor sector, with its cooperative endeavors, mirrors a harmonious and mutually beneficial partnership, akin to a close couple.

Cheng Wen-tsan acknowledged the complementary strengths of Taiwan and Japan in the semiconductor realm. While Taiwan excels in high-end semiconductor manufacturing and IC design, Japan plays a pivotal role in supplying equipment, materials, and chemicals—a dynamic pairing that he likened to a close partnership.

In the energy sector, particularly hydrogen and ammonia, Japan’s early initiatives serve as valuable lessons for Taiwan, fostering potential areas of collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Turning to electric vehicles (EVs), Cheng Wen-tsan emphasized Taiwan’s early development in the EV supply chain, possessing rich experience in vehicle batteries, motors, and electronic controls. This foundation, he noted, provides a solid basis for engineering, technology, and industrial cooperation between Taiwan and Japan. This opportune collaboration, according to Cheng Wen-tsan, creates a mutually beneficial and complementary relationship, reinforcing the idea that Taiwan and Japan are not just friends but industry stalwarts.

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