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Saudi’s Manga Productions Teams Up with Production IG to Launch “GREAT PRETENDER razbliuto” in MENA

Saudi's Manga Productions secures licensing rights for "GREAT PRETENDER razbliuto" from Japan's Production IG, targeting a 2024 worldwide release
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Manga Productions, a prominent Saudi Arabian content company, has forged a collaboration with Production IG, a renowned Japanese animation production company (subsidiary of IG Port), to co-produce the latest installment of the beloved anime series, “GREAT PRETENDER,” titled “GREAT PRETENDER razbliuto.” Under this partnership, Manga Productions gains exclusive marketing, distribution, and licensing rights for “GREAT PRETENDER razbliuto” in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, encompassing associated events and merchandise. The anticipated global release for “GREAT PRETENDER razbliuto” is slated for 2024.

Expressing enthusiasm for the expansion of their distribution and licensing endeavors, Isamu Bukari, CEO of Manga Productions, emphasized the significance of bringing the popular series to Arab audiences with a deep interest in Japanese anime. He sees this collaboration as a pivotal step forward and anticipates fruitful achievements for both Manga Productions and Production IG.

Takeshi Wada, President and Representative Director of Production IG, echoed this sentiment, officially entrusting Manga Productions with the rights to “GREAT PRETENDER razbliuto” in the MENA region, including Saudi Arabia. Wada hopes that this partnership will make not only “GREAT PRETENDER razbliuto” but also Japanese anime content more accessible and enjoyable for audiences across the Middle East.

Directed by Hiro Kaburagi and written by Ryota Furusawa, the “GREAT PRETENDER” anime series gained acclaim following its exclusive Netflix pre-distribution in Japan in June 2020, subsequent broadcast on Fuji TV’s “+ULTRA,” and global release on Netflix. The series holds a high rating of 7.0 points on IMDb and 8.2 points on MyAnimeList.

Manga Productions, known for its global contributions, previously produced the animated film “Journey: A Story of Miracles and Battles on the Ancient Arabian Peninsula,” broadcast in six languages on over 52 platforms worldwide. Their anime series “Asateel: Future Folk Tales” has garnered over 100 million views globally. Additionally, Manga Productions is actively involved in international licensing and distribution agreements for various anime titles, including the upcoming “Grendizer U,” “Captain Tsubasa,” “Smurf Cart,” and “UFO Robot Grendizer: Even If My Life Ends.”

About Manga Productions: Manga Productions is a Saudi-based content company specializing in the production and distribution of anime, video games, and manga. With a focus on technological innovation and human resource development, Manga Productions collaborates with global companies such as Toei Animation, Dynamic Planning, TSUBAS Co., Ltd., Dentsu, SNK, Square Enix, Sumitomo Group, and Crunchyroll across animation, video games, and licensing and distribution.

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