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Samsung Unveils AI-Powered Galaxy Book4 Edge in Korea

Features Qualcomm's Snapdragon® X Elite and Microsoft's Copilot for enhanced AI capabilities
South Korea
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Samsung Electronics has announced the release of its latest innovation, the “Galaxy Book4 Edge,” in Korea on June 18. This AI notebook marks a significant leap forward in consumer electronics, integrating Qualcomm’s next-generation chip and Microsoft’s Copilot technology.

The Galaxy Book4 Edge is the first in the Galaxy Book series to be equipped with Qualcomm’s cutting-edge AI processor, the Snapdragon® X Elite. It also introduces a dedicated Copilot key, making it the first “Copilot+ PC.” This allows existing Copilot functions, previously limited to cloud AI, to operate based on on-device AI, enhancing performance and efficiency.

A standout feature of the Galaxy Book4 Edge is its hybrid AI capability, supporting both on-device and cloud-based AI processing. This dual approach ensures a seamless and responsive user experience, significantly boosting the notebook’s performance.

The Galaxy Book4 Edge also offers a range of innovative features designed to enhance productivity and creativity. These include “Paint Co-Creator” for generating new images, “Live Caption” for real-time translation of 44 languages into English, and a “Recall Function” to search work history based on usage records, with support scheduled for September. Additionally, the “Link to Windows” function enables connectivity with Galaxy smartphones, allowing users to utilize ‘Galaxy AI’ features such as ‘Circle to Search’ and translation functions directly on the PC.

The notebook is available in three models. The 40.6cm (16-inch) version comes in two configurations, priced at 2.35 million won and 2.65 million won, depending on processor and storage specifications. The 35.6cm (14-inch) model is priced at 2.15 million won. Purchases can be made at offline stores like Samsung Store and Electroland, as well as online platforms such as, 11th Street, and Gmarket.

To further incentivize purchases, Samsung is offering the “Galaxy AI PC Trade-in” program, providing up to 250,000 won in additional compensation based on the brand and model of the notebook being traded in.

The Galaxy Book4 Edge represents Samsung’s commitment to integrating advanced AI technology into consumer electronics, providing users with enhanced performance, productivity, and connectivity.



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