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Samsung Electronics Unveils Ambitious AI Strategy at Foundry Forum 2024

Company Aims to Close Gap with TSMC, Highlights Integrated AI Solutions and Advanced Semiconductor Technologies
South Korea
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On July 9, Samsung Electronics held the “Samsung Foundry Forum 2024” at COEX in Seoul, where key executives outlined strategies to enhance the company’s competitiveness in the semiconductor industry. Choi Si-young, head of Samsung’s foundry business unit, emphasized Samsung’s unique position as the only global semiconductor company offering comprehensive foundry, memory, and packaging capabilities. This integrated approach, dubbed the “Turn Key” service, is designed to meet diverse customer needs, particularly in the AI sector.

Choi noted the increasing power consumption of global data centers, expected to double by 2026, and highlighted the importance of high performance and low power consumption. Samsung aims to deliver essential AI solutions by integrating specialty technologies such as Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) for improved power efficiency and high-sensitivity sensors for better edge device accuracy.

Song Tae-jung, team leader of Samsung’s foundry business unit, reinforced the focus on integrated solutions, distinguishing Samsung’s AI offerings from competitors who provide individual components. Samsung is advancing its Gate-All-Around (GAA) processes and 2.5D packaging technology to achieve low-power, high-performance semiconductors. The company pioneered the application of the GAA process at the 3nm scale and plans to begin 2nm mass production by the end of next year, targeting 1nm production by 2027.

In a notable development, Samsung secured an order for 2nm-based AI accelerator semiconductors from Japan’s Preferred Networks through collaboration with Gaonchips. Preferred Networks specializes in deep learning and advanced AI technologies, enhancing Samsung’s AI semiconductor portfolio.

Samsung is also committed to supporting domestic fabless companies, providing technical assistance and Multi Project Wafer (MPW) services to reduce manufacturing costs and accelerate development. This year, Samsung offers 32 MPW services, from the 4nm process to BCD 130nm, with plans to expand to 35 by 2025.

The forum featured process roadmaps, service updates, and networking opportunities for partners to discuss collaboration and innovation. Additionally, Samsung and its partners introduced AI semiconductor design infrastructure, including 2.5D/3D chiplet design technology, at the SAFE Forum. Last month, Samsung emphasized the potential of next-generation high-performance semiconductors at the Silicon Valley U.S. Foundry Forum, reinforcing its commitment to leading in advanced process technology.

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