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Panasonic and Amazon Collaborate on Smart TVs with Personalized Content Suggestions

Debuting at CES, the Panasonic OLED TVs with Amazon Fire TV offer unique user-specific content recommendations
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Panasonic Holdings is joining forces with Amazon to revolutionize the smart TV industry. Their new partnership focuses on creating televisions that personalize content recommendations based on individual viewing histories. This week, at CES in Las Vegas, they are showcasing an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) model integrated with Amazon’s Fire TV technology, set to hit markets in Japan and Europe this spring.

Under the Panasonic Entertainment & Communication umbrella, the venture emphasizes software prowess in TV development. The technology will analyze user preferences from various sources – streaming services, broadcast television, and previously recorded shows. This innovative approach includes the creation of separate accounts for each family member, enhancing the precision of content suggestions based on individual tastes and search keywords.

Looking ahead, Panasonic is not just stopping at account selection. The company is exploring advanced identification technologies like voice and fingerprint recognition for future models. These features aim to discern the viewer, further tailoring the viewing experience.

The ambitious project extends beyond the living room. Panasonic envisions a seamless entertainment experience that connects TVs with in-vehicle displays and smartphones. This connectivity allows users to continue watching content from their homes in their cars and integrates app-viewed videos for more accurate suggestions.

This collaboration emerges at a time when the global flat-screen TV market faces challenges. According to U.K. research firm Omdia, shipments dropped 5% in 2022 to 203 million units, influenced by reduced pandemic demand and economic downturns. Panasonic, holding a modest 1% of the global market share, is up against giants like Samsung Electronics and Hisense, who dominate over 60% of the market. This partnership with Amazon represents Panasonic’s strategic move to enhance its position in the competitive landscape.

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