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Otsuka Pharmaceutical Acquires Bonafide Health for $425 Million to Expand Women’s Health Food Portfolio

Japanese Otsuka Pharmaceutical, via its U.S. subsidiary Pharmavite, acquires Bonafide Health for $425 million to diversify its women's health food product offerings
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Otsuka Pharmaceutical, a prominent Japanese drugmaker, has successfully acquired Bonafide Health, a U.S.-based women’s health food company, for a substantial $425 million. The transaction, facilitated through Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s U.S. subsidiary Pharmavite, underscores a strategic effort to broaden the company’s portfolio within the women’s health food sector.

Bonafide Health, established in 2017, reported a noteworthy revenue of $53.8 million for the fiscal year concluding in June 2022. Specializing in products related to skin and hair care alongside women’s health supplements, the company’s integration into Pharmavite aligns with Otsuka’s commitment to expanding its presence in this market segment.

Michael Satow, co-founder and CEO of Bonafide Health, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, emphasizing Pharmavite’s comprehensive understanding of the business model they have cultivated. Otsuka Holdings, the parent company, has not yet disclosed the impact of this acquisition on its consolidated earnings forecast for the fiscal year concluding in December 2023, promising an announcement as soon as details are confirmed.

This move follows Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s trend of strategic expansion in the women’s health food domain through mergers and acquisitions, exemplified by its 2021 acquisition of Uqora, a U.S. company specializing in supplements for women’s urinary tract conditions, also managed by Pharmavite.

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