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MediaTek Anticipates Strong Q4 with New Flagship Chips Boosting Revenue

MediaTek is set to benefit from the release of new flagship chips in November, driving mobile phone revenue growth for Q4, along with stable power management IC performance, while smart device platform revenue may see a QoQ decrease
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Tsai Li-hsing, CEO of MediaTek, explained the outlook for the fourth quarter of its three major products at a press conference today, which will benefit from the new generation of flagship chips that will be released in early November. Driven by the shipment of Dimensity 9300, the growth rate of mobile phone revenue will be higher than that in the third quarter; the performance of power management IC in the fourth quarter was roughly the same quarter-to-quarter; the revenue of the smart device platform showed a quarter-on-quarter decrease, and the overall fourth-quarter revenue closing volume was approximately 120 billion yuan to 126.6 billion yuan, reaching the peak in the past five quarters.

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