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MediaTek Achieves New Revenue Peak in Almost 14 Months, Driven by Strong Dimensity 9300 Series Shipments

MediaTek attains a new revenue peak in almost 14 months, reaching 43.071 billion yuan in November, driven by increasing shipments of the 5G AI mobile phone chip Dimensity 9300 series. Two consecutive months of year-on-year and monthly revenue growth mark a positive trend, with strong performance expected in Q4, projecting a new high in the past five quarters
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Leading IC design firm MediaTek reports robust financial performance as shipments of its 5G AI mobile phone chip Dimensity 9300 series continue to soar. In November, the company achieved a consolidated revenue of 43.071 billion yuan, marking a monthly increase of 0.61% and an impressive annual increase of 19.23%. This milestone represents a new revenue peak for MediaTek, extending a positive trend observed over two consecutive months.

The surge in revenue is attributed to multiple factors, including the depletion of smartphone industry inventory prompting customer replenishment and the successful adoption of MediaTek’s latest AI flagship mobile phone chip, Dimensity 9300. This chip’s widespread adoption has driven significant growth in the mobile phone business, effectively offsetting the seasonal decline in smart devices.

The cumulative consolidated revenue for MediaTek from January to November stands at 389.766 billion yuan, reflecting a year-on-year decrease of 23.59%. However, the recent strong performance suggests a positive outlook for the company’s overall revenue trajectory.

MediaTek forecasts continued growth, estimating that with a USD to New Taiwan Dollar exchange rate of 1:32, the fourth-quarter revenue is expected to increase by 9-15% quarterly. This range equates to 1200-126.6 billion yuan, potentially reaching a new high in the past five quarters and projecting an annual increase of 11-17%. The positive momentum is indicative of MediaTek’s strategic positioning and resilience in the dynamic semiconductor market.

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