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McDonald’s Japan Launches Exclusive Pokémon Happy Sets with Interactive Toys and Activities

Limited-time Pokémon-themed Happy Sets include collectible tags and creative playbooks to enhance strategic thinking and creativity among children
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McDonald’s Japan is set to captivate Pokémon fans nationwide with the launch of two exclusive Happy Sets, “Pokémon Mezasta” and “Poké Piece,” available from February 9, 2024, for approximately two weeks. This initiative, aimed at Pokémon enthusiasts of all ages, combines the thrill of collecting with the joy of interactive play, offering a unique blend of entertainment and educational value.

The “Pokémon Mezasta” Happy Set is designed around the Pokémon Mezasta amusement machine, allowing players to battle and catch Pokémon using special tags. With six types of tags, including McDonald’s original “Kolaidon” and “Miraidon” that can activate Terrastar, along with combinations like “Groudon & Kyogre” and “Pikachu & Mew,” fans are encouraged to strategize battles based on Pokémon abilities such as attack power, defense power, and HP. This set not only promises action-packed gameplay but also aims to enhance logical thinking and spatial awareness among children.

On the other hand, the “Poké Piece” Happy Set offers a peaceful and creative engagement with Pokémon. It includes a book filled with coloring pages, stickers of beloved Pokémon like Pikachu and Piplup, and activities such as mazes and connect-the-dots games. This set encourages children to express their creativity by designing their own Pokémon rooms, developing their color selection skills, and understanding shapes and spaces through fun and engaging puzzles.

Each Happy Set comes with a bonus “Riddle Note” or “Asobelji Yucho,” adding an extra layer of excitement to the experience. As quantities are limited, these Happy Sets are expected to become highly sought-after collectibles, enriching the McDonald’s dining experience with a touch of Pokémon magic. This collaboration between McDonald’s Japan and Pokémon not only offers an engaging way for kids to enjoy their favorite characters but also supports developmental skills through play.

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