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LS Materials Raises Nearly 13 Trillion Won in Public Offering, Becomes Third Largest Listing of the Year

LS Materials, LS Group's supercapacitor manufacturing affiliate, secures approximately 13 trillion won in public offering subscription, marking the third-largest listing this year
South Korea
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LS Materials, the supercapacity (SC) manufacturing arm of LS Group, successfully raised nearly 13 trillion won in public offering subscriptions, ranking as the third-largest listing this year among newly listed companies. The competition rate for LS Materials reached an impressive 1,163 to 1 during the two-day subscription period, with a subscription margin of approximately 12.7 trillion won.

The subscription numbers for LS Materials totaled 676,763, making it the second-highest after Doosan Robotics, which received 1,496,246 subscriptions. The public offering price, set at 6,000 won, exceeded the upper end of the desired range (4,400 to 5,500 won) due to robust demand from institutional and general investors.

LS Materials, which established the SC business division as a next-generation secondary battery in 2021, saw a significant response from both institutional and general investors. The company’s subsidiaries, including LS RSCO (aluminum parts production) and HAIMK (EV parts business), contribute to its position in the market. LS Cable holds a 50% stake as the major shareholder.

The successful public offering adds LS Materials to the list of notable listings this year, joining DS (KOSPI), BlueMTech, and KNS (KOSDAQ). Following the subscription phase, LS Materials is set to be listed on the KOSDAQ market on the 12th, with refund and payment procedures scheduled for the 6th of this month.

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