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LG’s AI Self-Driving Robot Successfully Completes Unmanned Facility Management Test at POSCO Steel Mill

LG Electronics collaborates with POSCO, achieving success in a smart factory initiative with an AI self-driving robot for unmanned facility management in the hazardous basement of POSCO Gwangyang Steel Mill
South Korea
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LG Electronics announced the successful completion of an unmanned facility management demonstration at POSCO Gwangyang Steel Mill using its artificial intelligence (AI) self-driving robot. The collaborative effort between LG Electronics and POSCO aims to advance intelligent autonomous factory (smart factory) technology, integrating robots, AI, and cutting-edge communication technology.

The demonstration, conducted on the 13th and 14th, involved the robot navigating the hazardous underground electrical room of the steel mill’s 4th hot rolling mill, equivalent to two soccer fields in size. Faced with obstacles such as drains and safety fences, the robot employed LiDAR, a common self-driving vehicle sensor, to identify potential routes. It inspected various facilities within the space and utilized a thermal imaging camera to detect abnormal temperatures, sending images to the control room for further analysis.

LG Electronics addressed the challenging underground environment by enhancing the robot’s heat dissipation and cooling capabilities. The system allows control room personnel to monitor and remotely control the robot when necessary. LG Electronics and POSCO previously signed a business agreement in May to collaborate on technologies related to robots, AI, and communications (5G specialized networks). The successful demonstration marks a significant milestone in their joint efforts to create efficient and safe manufacturing environments through the application of smart factory technologies.

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