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LG Electronics and SK Telecom to Showcase Future Tech Innovations at CES 2024

Focus on AI, Digital Health, and Eco-Friendly Transport Technologies Highlights the Event
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LG Electronics and SK Telecom are gearing up to unveil cutting-edge technologies and products at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, the premier global stage for consumer electronics and IT innovations. Emphasizing future business applications, both companies are set to make significant presentations.

LG Electronics is taking a unique approach by dedicating a separate exhibition hall for startups backed by its North American Innovation Center (NOVA). At CES 2024, LG will spotlight ten such startups. These exhibits, distinct from LG’s primary display, will revolve around four key future industry sectors: Digital Health, Clean Tech, Future Tech, and Smart Life, encapsulated under the theme ‘Creating a brighter future together.’

Highlighted startups include XR Health, specializing in remote medical services via extended reality (XR) devices, and Deep Brain AI, focusing on AI-based avatars linked to chatbots. Additionally, immersive interactive services utilizing AI, robots, and the metaverse, and the educational platform Roibi will be featured. An LG spokesperson underscored the company’s intent to showcase startups poised for actual collaboration, outlining LG’s future business trajectories.

LG Nova, situated in Silicon Valley, has been scouting startups through an annual global contest since 2021 and previously showcased them at CES 2023.

On the other hand, SK Telecom is set to prominently display AI-related technologies. Their highlight at the SK Group joint exhibition hall will be the ‘Magic Carpet’ attraction, based on the Urban Air Transportation (UAM) aircraft targeted for 2025 commercialization. UAM, an environmentally friendly, electric-powered transport system, leverages AI for power management and safe operation through precise sensor data analysis.

Furthermore, SKT, in collaboration with SK Hynix, will establish the ‘SK ICT Family Demo Room’ to reveal advanced AI technologies, including a next-generation AI data center model and server immersion cooling technology. This area will also feature AI Media Studio for video and sound reprocessing, high-performance AI cameras, and Sapion’s AI semiconductors. Park Gyu-hyeon, VP of digital communications at SK Telecom, highlighted the company’s ambition to become a global AI leader.

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