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KAYAC Tops Global App Downloads Among Japanese Companies for Third Year

Leading with innovative hyper-casual games, Kayak continues to excel in the competitive app market
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KAYAC, a prominent player in the gaming industry, has achieved a remarkable milestone by ranking as the top Japanese company in global app downloads for 2023. This accomplishment, highlighted in a report by (formerly App Annie), marks the third consecutive year of KAYAC leading this segment, following similar successes in 2021 and 2022.

Despite the increasing saturation and competition in the hyper-casual gaming sector, KAYAC has demonstrated exceptional performance by releasing 13 hyper-casual game titles in 2023 alone. This is the highest number of releases in a single year for the company, underscoring its ability to consistently produce globally popular games.

A key factor contributing to KAYAC’s success is its unique team structure. The company’s hyper-casual game division operates with a complete in-house process, handling everything from ideation to development, operation, and promotion. In 2023, KAYAC expanded its team, dividing into smaller groups and prioritizing face-to-face communication over remote interactions. This approach fostered a dynamic environment for brainstorming, enabling the rapid creation and release of multiple game titles.

Moreover, KAYAC’s enduring popularity isn’t just based on its new releases. Older titles like “Park Master” (2019) and “Ball Run 2048” (2021) continue to attract significant downloads, contributing to the company’s sustained leadership in the market.

KAYAC’s commitment to creating fun and engaging games is at the core of its business philosophy. The company aims to enrich the lives of users worldwide with entertaining gaming experiences, while maintaining a team structure that cultivates creativity and enjoyment in game development. This balance of innovation and enjoyment in their work has been instrumental in Kayak’s continued dominance in the global app download rankings.

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