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KADOKAWA Expands Thai Market Presence with Strategic Acquisition

KADOKAWA Enhances Manga and Light Novel Operations in Thailand, Aiming to Dominate the Sector
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In a strategic move to strengthen its foothold in the Thai market, KADOKAWA recently announced the acquisition of First Page Pro, solidifying its position as the leading manga and light novel publisher in Thailand. This acquisition, finalized on December 21, 2023, integrates First Page Pro into the KADOKAWA family, specifically under KADOKAWA AMARIN COMPANY, a local group specializing in the translation and publication of manga and light novels.

The merger is set to create a publishing powerhouse, with a combined output of over 500 titles annually. KADOKAWA is poised to leverage synergistic benefits from this union, aiming to maximize profits and extend its market dominance.

KADOKAWA’s expansion isn’t new; the company has been actively growing its international presence. Notably, in 2016, it acquired YenPress, a leading North American manga and light novel publisher, followed by the 2021 acquisition of J-Novel Club. Focusing on Southeast Asia, KADOKAWA established KADOKAWA AMARIN in Thailand in 2016, which has since grown to a robust team of 80, publishing over 400 works yearly.

First Page Pro, known for catering to core fans with over 120 translated titles annually, complements KADOKAWA AMARIN’s offerings. Beyond translation and publication, both companies are exploring diversified business avenues. KADOKAWA AMARIN is expanding into translations from regions other than Japan, along with merchandise production and licensing Thai works for the Japanese market. First Page Pro’s strength in product planning and character goods development hints at potential synergies in these areas as well.

This acquisition marks a significant step for KADOKAWA in becoming a comprehensive pop culture entity, rooted in Thailand but with a vision that spans beyond its borders.

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