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Innocean Worldwide Launches Seventeen-Themed Project in Bangkok with HYBE

The Seventeen Bangkok Project Attracts Over 30,000 Fans, Blending K-pop with Retail and Hospitality
South Korea
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Innocean Worldwide Inc., the marketing communications branch of Hyundai Motor Group, has recently launched an ambitious K-pop themed project in Bangkok, Thailand, featuring the popular boy group Seventeen. This project, in collaboration with South Korea’s HYBE Co. and Thailand’s premier retail group Siam Piwat, is titled “Seventeen Follow the City Bangkok.”

The initiative includes a variety of fan-focused attractions, such as a Seventeen-themed pop-up store, the sale of licensed merchandise, food and beverages, and the management of a mini-cafe. Additionally, the project has branched into hospitality by operating accommodations with themes linked to hotels.

The Seventeen pop-up store, located in Bangkok’s Siam Discovery shopping mall, has witnessed remarkable success, drawing over 30,000 visitors in just three weeks and generating queues for 13 consecutive days. Innocean’s introduction of Bangkok pop-up limited edition items, such as do-it-yourself keychain rings and film toy cameras, were sold out quickly. The store also featured popular Seventeen-themed food items, including fruit drinks, cotton candy, and doughnuts.

Adding to the immersive experience, the “Seventeen Mini-cafe” at Iconsiam, another landmark shopping mall in Bangkok, will begin operations from January 18. It will offer official Seventeen goods, albums, and canned drinks.

In an innovative move, Innocean has also collaborated with Centrepoint Hotel Bangkok to create a “Seventeen-themed exclusive room package.” This package includes Seventeen welcome kits among other unique offerings.

This project is part of “The City” concept, conceptualized and managed by Hybe. “The City” is an event model that enhances the concert experience in cities hosting performances by Hybe Labels artists, providing a comprehensive entertainment experience for fans. This successful execution in Bangkok underlines the growing global influence of K-pop and its unique integration with various business sectors, from retail to hospitality.

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