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iKala Secures $20.8 Million in B+ Round Led by Chunghwa Telecom

Strategic partnership aims to leverage AI technology and cloud solutions for enterprise efficiency and market expansion
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In a boost to its financial and strategic growth, iKala, a leading AI company, announced the completion of its B+ fundraising round, amassing US$20.8 million. This round was notably led by Chunghwa Telecom, marking a significant endorsement from one of the largest telecom operators in Asia. Though the exact investment amount by Chunghwa Telecom remains undisclosed, it’s speculated to be substantial, reflecting a strong vote of confidence in iKala’s burgeoning AI technology and its market potential.

The collaboration is set to deepen the ties between the two firms, focusing on AI technology’s potential to revolutionize operations and efficiency. Chunghwa Telecom’s general manager, Zhang Benyuan, highlighted the shared ambition to foster a robust business partnership and enhance operational efficiencies through AI advancements. This move is particularly strategic as Chunghwa Telecom leverages iKala’s prowess in cloud-based solutions and AI to expand its services and reinforce its market position.

Furthermore, the investment underpins Chunghwa Telecom’s strategy to tap into the growing demand for AI and cloud services across sectors. By aligning with iKala, Chunghwa Telecom aims to co-develop solutions that empower businesses to undertake AI transformations, thus driving both technological innovation and economic growth. This partnership also sets the stage for iKala’s ambitious plans to extend its influence in the Japanese and Southeast Asian markets, backed by a robust AI R&D foundation and a comprehensive suite of AI consulting services.

The fundraising round not only fortifies iKala’s financial standing but also aligns it with strategic partners committed to pioneering the next wave of AI and technological innovation. As iKala continues to break new ground, the support from Chunghwa Telecom could very well catalyze its journey towards becoming a leader in the AI and cloud services landscape.

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