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Hyundai Breaks Ground: Cars to be Sold on Amazon, Alexa Integration, and AWS Cloud Partnership

Hyundai pioneers auto sales on Amazon, introduces Alexa in vehicles by 2025, and selects AWS as a key digital transformation partner
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In a groundbreaking announcement, Amazon and Hyundai Motor Company revealed a sweeping strategic partnership, encompassing groundbreaking initiatives set to reshape the automotive and technology landscape. Key aspects of this collaboration include:

  1. Online Vehicle Sales on Amazon:
    • In a pioneering move, auto dealers will have the capability to sell Hyundai vehicles on Amazon’s U.S. store starting in 2024. Hyundai will be the inaugural automotive brand available for customers to purchase online. This digital shopping experience aims to simplify the process for customers, allowing them to explore, select, and check out their preferred Hyundai vehicle seamlessly within the trusted Amazon ecosystem.
  2. Hyundai’s AWS Cloud Adoption:
    • Hyundai has chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its preferred cloud provider, initiating a multiyear agreement. The move is geared towards accelerating Hyundai’s digital transformation, leveraging AWS capabilities for compute, storage, database, analytics, AI, and IoT. This shift to a cloud-first technology strategy will enhance Hyundai’s data-driven capabilities across research, product engineering, and customer engagement.
  3. Alexa Integration in Next-Gen Hyundai Vehicles:
    • Starting in 2025, Hyundai’s next-generation vehicles will feature enhanced connectivity with Alexa Built-in. Drivers can enjoy hands-free Alexa experiences, seamlessly integrating smart home controls, music playback, reminders, and more, creating an intuitive and interactive in-car experience.

This strategic partnership is hailed as a significant step towards revolutionizing the automotive retail landscape, empowering customers, and fostering innovation in the intersection of automotive and technology.

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