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Hon Hai Chairman Young Liu Takes Helm at Sharp

Young Liu to Lead Sharp’s Transformation with Support from Hon Hai
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On June 27, the Tokyo Stock Exchange announced that Young Liu, Chairman of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., has assumed the role of Chairman at Sharp Corporation. This decision was formalized during Sharp’s shareholder meeting. Liu’s dual role aims to leverage Hon Hai’s resources to assist in Sharp’s strategic transformation and reform.

Previously, Young Liu stated that Hon Hai, as a major shareholder, has been guiding Sharp’s management. Post the June shareholder meeting, a new board and management team are expected to be formed, with Hon Hai playing an active role.

Liu emphasized that local leadership is crucial, indicating that Sharp’s operations will continue to be managed by local executives. Hon Hai’s focus will be on creating an environment that empowers local talent.

Liu highlighted Sharp’s significant market presence and technological innovation, citing his personal involvement in Sharp’s monthly strategic discussions since July. He announced plans to transform Sharp’s Sakai factory into an AI data center, capitalizing on existing long-term electricity contracts for a competitive edge in power usage.

Additionally, Sharp’s partnership with KDDI and Software Bank to establish an AI data center underscores the high demand for its LCD panel factory. This aligns with Hon Hai’s 3+3 strategy, integrating Sharp’s products into sectors like smart homes and AI, aiming for a synergistic “1+1 greater than 2” outcome.



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