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Hankook Tire & Pro-specs Unveil Innovative Spike-less Golf Shoes ‘Grand Slam 82 HK

Hankook Tire partners with Prospecs to release 'Grand Slam 82 HK,' a limited edition spike-less golf shoe with racing tire technology
South Korea
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Hankook Tire & Technology (Hankook Tire) has collaborated with LS Networks’ sports brand Pro-specs to introduce the ‘Grand Slam 82 HK,’ an avant-garde spike-less golf shoe set to make waves in the market. This marks the third collaborative venture between Hankook Tire and Pro-specs, the limited edition product announced on the 24th.

The unique selling proposition of ‘Grand Slam 82 HK’ lies in the incorporation of the rubber compound utilized in the production of Hankook Tire’s high-performance racing tires. The outsole of Prospecs’ renowned ‘Grand Slam 82’ model receives this specialized treatment, resulting in an innovative fusion of tire technology and sportswear.

Hankook Tire emphasizes the augmented anti-slip functionality achieved by integrating the pattern of ‘Aion Evo,’ a performance tire exclusively designed for electric vehicles (EV). This design enhancement enhances grip and friction, surpassing conventional spiked golf shoe soles. The launch of this golf shoe is strategically aligned with objectives to enhance customer engagement through golf-related activities, integrate the global ‘Hankook’ brand into everyday life, and cultivate a personable brand image.

The collaboration between Hankook Tire and Pro-specs, initiated last year, has yielded unique products, including sneakers with the tread pattern of Hankook Tire’s ‘Kinergy 4S2’ all-weather tire in the first collaboration and high-performance carbon running shoes ‘Energet’ featuring racing tire compound in the second. The collaboration also extended to ‘Enerjet Aion,’ showcasing innovative technology and design from the tire brand’s ‘Aion’ electric vehicle tire line.

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