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gumi Announces Changes for “Phantom of Kill” Post 9th Anniversary Celebration

Mobile game developer gumi will halt new content introductions, focusing on in-game training features for players' engagement.
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Mobile game developer gumi has revealed plans in a producer letter for their game “Phantom of Kill” (referred to as “Funkill”). They will halt the introduction of new units, stories, and events after celebrating the 9th anniversary on October 23rd.

To maintain player engagement, gumi will implement features allowing unit training within the game. This includes making select events permanent, granting units through login rewards, and earning training materials through in-game content.

Regarding the future operation of “Funkill”:

  • The game’s service is set to continue.
  • New unit introductions will conclude with “Tilfing,” released for the 9th anniversary.
  • Gacha updates will cease, with units obtainable based on probabilities. Players will also be able to directly purchase in-game currency.
  • Certain events, like seasonal ones, will become permanent fixtures. Monthly missions and events are also in the pipeline.
  • Multiplayer functionality will persist.
  • While guild battles will be on hiatus, the guild system will remain intact.

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