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Gaga Reorganizes to Launch New Anime and Media Division in Strategic Shift

Film Production Giant Aims for Diversification with Multi-Portfolio Approach and International Expansion Focus
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Gaga, a prominent film production and distribution company, has announced a significant restructuring of its anime-related business, effective February 1, 2024. The establishment of a new Anime and Media Division marks a strategic move towards diversification and reinforces the company’s commitment to a multi-portfolio strategy. This division will operate alongside the existing Contents and Distribution Divisions, aiming to streamline and enhance Gaga’s offerings in the competitive entertainment landscape.

The newly formed Anime and Media Division is divided into the Anime Business Group, inheriting the functions of the former Anime Business Office, and the Media Contents Business Group, which will incorporate the new business group of the Distribution Business Department. This reorganization is designed to bolster Gaga’s capabilities in delivering a wide array of content and to leverage its existing strengths in film distribution.

Moreover, the establishment of SPSS Company within Gaga and the creation of the International Business Strategy Office within the Contents Division’s International Business Group underscore the company’s strategic emphasis on global expansion. These initiatives reflect Gaga’s intent to fortify its international presence and adapt to the evolving global entertainment market dynamics.

Under the leadership of Tatsumi Yoda, Gaga’s Representative Director, President, and CEO, who will also serve as the Anime Media Division Manager, the company is poised for innovation and growth. Executive Officer Tetsuaki Terada’s appointment as Deputy General Manager of the Anime and Media Business, along with Akiko Inoue’s role as Acting Group Leader of the Anime Business Group, highlights Gaga’s dedication to nurturing its leadership in content creation and distribution.

This reorganization follows Gaga’s recent inclusion in the GENDA Group in November 2023, reflecting its ongoing efforts to expand its influence within the entertainment industry, especially in the anime sector. With upcoming distributions such as the two-part series “Dead Dead Demons Dedededede Destruction,” Gaga continues to actively pursue growth opportunities in the burgeoning field of anime, aiming to solidify its position as a leader in both domestic and international markets.

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