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Fubon Financial Soars with 40% Profit Growth, Eyes Dividend Increase

Anticipated Dividend Hike Aligns with Stellar Financial Performance, Eyeing 2.8 Yuan Per Share
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Fubon Financial, a titan in the financial sector, has announced a remarkable year, boasting a 40% increase in profits for 2023. The company, steered by General Manager Han Weiting, recorded a soaring after-tax net profit of 66.017 billion yuan. This impressive performance solidified its standing as the top performer among Taiwan’s financial holdings, a position it has maintained for 15 consecutive years.

The firm’s prosperity is mirrored in its robust earnings per share (EPS) of 4.8 yuan, positioning it at the pinnacle of the industry. With total assets escalating to 11.1 trillion yuan and net worth hitting 802.4 billion yuan, Fubon Financial’s growth trajectory is unmistakable. The anticipated dividend, speculated to increase to 2.8 yuan per share, reflects the company’s solid financial health and commitment to shareholder returns, maintaining a consistent payout in harmony with its profit surge.

Looking ahead, Fubon Financial is not resting on its laurels. It plans to aggressively pursue expansion through strategic mergers, acquisitions, and alliances, broadening its economic scale. The firm is also poised to adapt its flagship insurance subsidiary, Fubon Life, to market shifts and integrate new accounting standards seamlessly, ensuring its continued market dominance and financial vigor.

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