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DENSO Unveils Ambitious 2030 Vision: Targets 7.5 Trillion Yen Sales, Diversifies into New Businesses

DENSO maps out a strategic vision, eyeing 7.5 trillion yen sales by 2030, focusing on electrification, ADAS, semiconductors, software, and venturing into hydrogen and agriculture
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DENSO Corporation reveals its comprehensive 2030 plan, aiming for 7.5 trillion yen in sales. With a strong focus on electrification and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), DENSO plans to grow its workforce by 4,000 by 2025. The company will invest 10 trillion yen over the next decade in key areas, emphasizing collaboration with partners.

Electrification: DENSO targets 1.7 trillion yen in electrification sales by 2030, emphasizing thermal management and power supply systems. With differentiated products, including a unique inverter cooling system and in-house SiC power semiconductors, DENSO aims for global sales expansion and efficient supply chain management.

ADAS: ADAS sales aim for 1 trillion yen by 2030, leveraging HMI and infrastructure integration for expanded accident coverage. DENSO plans to achieve 100% accident scene coverage by 2035, tailoring products to regional needs.

Semiconductors: DENSO’s semiconductor investment of 500 billion yen by 2030 targets a 700 billion yen business by 2035. Focused on Si and SiC power semiconductors, the company aims to strengthen the supply chain and optimize in-vehicle applications.

Software: DENSO concentrates on high-quality, large-scale integrated ECUs, intending to lead in SDV preparation. With 18,000 software professionals by 2030, DENSO aims for an 800 billion yen software business, emphasizing cross-domain integrated ECUs.

New Business: DENSO diversifies beyond automotive, targeting 300 billion yen in fiscal 2030. Venturing into the hydrogen sector with electrolysis devices and fuel cells, and transforming agriculture through industrialization, DENSO aims for 20% of total sales from new businesses by 2035.

DENSO’s bold strategy involves extensive collaboration, efficiency improvement, and innovation to secure a leading position in the evolving automotive landscape.

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