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Delta Electronics Announces Major Factory Expansion in Western China

Delta's Largest Expansion Plan Includes New Plant in Chongqing, Focusing on Power Supplies and EV Solutions
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Delta Electronics, a leading Taiwanese power supply manufacturer, has unveiled its most ambitious factory expansion plan to date, set to commence construction in Chongqing, China, before the end of this year. This new facility, initially announced in 2021, represents Delta’s first production base in Western China, with an initial investment of RMB 1.45 billion (approximately NT$6.31 billion).

Delta’s CEO, Zheng Ping, highlighted the innovative features of the Chongqing plant, which will include solar power generation and energy storage systems. Post-completion, the facility will also house a research and development laboratory to advance smart manufacturing initiatives grounded in digitalization. The plant’s production focus will encompass a range of products including power supplies, fans, communications, automotive electronics, and related items.

Emphasizing Delta’s long-term commitment to power electronics, Zheng Ping noted that electric vehicle-related solutions, such as electronic control, power systems, and charging infrastructure, are becoming a pivotal part of Delta’s development agenda.

The establishment of this new facility was commemorated with a virtual signing ceremony between Zheng Ping and Chen Jinshan, Vice Mayor of Chongqing. The plant is expected to be fully operational with automated production by the end of 2024. Additionally, Delta Electric has already established a presence in Chongqing Mengxun Park with three surface mount soldering (SMT) production lines and three notebook power supply production lines.

Delta’s expansion in China has been strategic and steady. Since establishing its first manufacturing base in Dongguan, Guangdong, in 1992, the company has expanded to Wujiang, Jiangsu; Wuhu, Anhui; and Chenzhou, Hunan. The decision to set up in Chongqing is partly driven by the local supply chain’s economic benefits and the logistical advantage of land transportation for shipping to European customers, as explained by Huang Lukun, General Manager of Delta’s global manufacturing, at the groundbreaking ceremony.

This expansion in Chongqing not only underscores Delta Electronics’ growth strategy but also reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in its operations. The focus on advanced manufacturing technologies and electric vehicle solutions positions Delta at the forefront of industrial development in the region.

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